Amino Multifunctional Treatment Instructions


Amino Multifunctional Treatment by DiscovHair™ is a true treatment: it penetrates the hair shaft harmlessly without hurting the hair structure and fills up the hair with loads of amino acids and protein goodies. It’s not a coating like Brazilian keratin. The treatment gives you multiple options: you can choose to just condition and de-frizz, relax curls or properly straighten the hair.

The formula can’t be over processed, it can be repeated every day if you’d like and is safe for anyone to use including pregnant/breastfeeding women and children. It’s non-allergic and for all hair types, see specific guidelines inside. Great benefits are that it’s a same-day wash-out, you can cut, colour and style straight after (curls will hold) and the treatment won’t wear off in the sea, swimming pool or gym. Results are very light and natural, it’s like your real hair! Just better…


Wash hair twice with Key Shampoo, see the table below for the duration
Shake Amino well and apply on DAMP hair, 100% cover, 40 – 60 ml
Put a plastic cap and pierce 12-15 times. Heat under the hood on medium heat, see the table below for the duration (aim is to keep it warm, not hot).
Blow-dry 100% with a tangle teaser, a round brush or a pedal brush.
Part hair to 4 and straighten, directions:

For straightening

Tiny 1/2 inch sections you can see your fingers through – for repetitions and degrees see the table below

For relaxing curls

Small 1 inch sections – for repetitions and degrees see the table below

For conditioning

Medium 1.5 inch sections – see “Treatment only” section on the table below
Wait 5 min to cool. Wash with Care Shampoo and apply Soft Conditioner or Smooth Mask (leave mask on for 2 min). Apply Silk Serum and blow-dry as usual.
  Clarifying Key Shampoo leave in for Hood processing time Straighteners
Virgin/natural hair 1st wash: normal
2nd wash: 10 minutes
30 minutes

Extremely dark and thick: up to 50 minutes
All colours 8 – 10 repetitions

Colour 1 – 7: 230°C
Colour 8 – 10: 210° – 230°C
Grey hair: 160° – 190°C and 4-6 repetitions
Coloured hair 1st wash: normal
2nd wash: 5 minutes
25 – 30 minutes Repetitions
Colour 1 – 7: 8 – 10 repetitions
Colour 8 – 12: 3 – 6 repetitions

All colours: 210° – 230°C
Bleached, damaged and very fine hair 1st wash: normal
2nd wash: 2 – 5 minutes
20 – 25 minutes Repetitions
2 – 5

180° – 210°C
Treatment only see hairtype abvoe see hairtype above Blow-dry on high heat 100% with brush. No need to go over with straighteners. Wash hair as in step 6.

Key shampoo expert advice

  • No need to massage for longer than 2 minute
  • With very dark and thick hair, an extreme case, mix 50% Key shampoo with 50% Oxygen(Peroxide) (9% – 30vol) and leave on for 10 minutes.
  • Wash out the Key shampoo 100%, any oxygen left may lift the hair colour.

Hood expert advice

  • If you don’t have a hood, keep the hair warm with the hair dryer: go over it for 2 -3 minutes every 8 – 10 minutes. So in the 30 minutes’ time you do this 2 – 3 times.

Blow-dry expert advice

  • Bleached/damaged hair: if the hair feels hard and tacky after 100% blow-dry and you can’t straighten it easily, this extra step is advisable and will dilute the formula slightly. If slightly tacky: spray the hair with water, comb through and blow-dry 100%. If very tacky: at back-wash make the hair wet with cold water without rinsing out the formula. Massage water back into hair for 1 minute. Blow-dry 100%.

Straightening phase expert advice

  • Always trust your own feeling while straightening the hair to judge whether you made enough repetitions and the temperature is right to achieve desired results. Because this is not a chemical formula this guide is not written in stone, every hair is different. And you know your client’s hair the best.
  • You’ll need straighteners that go up to 230°C with titanium blades. Titanium regulates the heat better and gives superior results over ceramic blades. Home use straighteners usually are not hot enough.
  • Advise your customer that colour might lift a shade. With treatment only this is not the case.

After care expert advice

  • Advise to use a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner or mask for prolonged silky soft results. The treatment won’t wear off when advise is not followed, but silky feeling may wear off.
  • For the first 5 to 10 washes the hair might smell from sulphur when wet. It also might feel heavier than normal. This will all wear off.
  • To improve results, motivate the client to go over the hair with straighteners after wash and blow-dry for the first 5 to 10 washes.

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