Amino Multifunctional Treatment

Amino Multifunctional Treatment

Professional Use Only


The unique formula by DiscovHairâ„¢ labs uses advanced technologies to support all hair types and offers overall solutions in one product.

The formula contains a synergy of proteins and natural amino acids combined with Unisphere micro-capsule keratin.

The excellent symbiosis between molecules and natural hair substances transforms hair into silk-soft, healthy and straight for 16-24 weeks.


  • Non allergic & formaldehyde free
  • Effective for all types of hair and all ages
  • Safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Rehabs and revives natural hair quality and structure
  • Short, easy and odour free
  • Long-lasting results (16-24 weeks) durable to various conditions
  • Customers can wash, dye, highlight and cut hair right after treatment
  • Non-oxidative components maintain hair pigments
  • Safe for repeated treatments anytime and for any part of hair, including previously treated (same or other) areas
  • No restriction on activities, also swimming
  • Soft, smooth and shiny hair after treatment

This product is for professional use only. Please contact us for prices and queries.

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