Green Clay Keratin

Green Clay Keratin

Professional Use Only


DiscovHairâ„¢ – innovative hair technology’s unique formula based on green clay transforms hair into smooth, shiny and healthy.

Green clay dates back to ancient France then used to heal sensitive head skin and renew damaged hair. French green clay has extraordinary qualities in preventing hair loss, strengthening hair and enhancing growth.

Recently green clay has become an essential ingredient used in various treatments throughout the cosmetic industry. Green clay’s natural components are rich in multifunctional elements and contain 25-35 natural minerals that promote healing and hair care.

Poly Saccharide seaweed has been added for extra softness, protection and shine for long lasting results.

The synergy of green clay’s and polysaccharide’s unique properties combined with unisphere keratin micro-capsule proteins turn Green Clay Keratin formula into an effective and healthy treatment that leaves hair soft, silky and light.


  • Effective for all types of hair
  • Short and simple process
  • Long-lasting results (16-24 weeks) durable to various conditions
  • Customers can wash, dye, highlight and cut hair right after treatment
  • Non-oxidative components maintain hair pigments
  • Safe for repeated treatments anytime and for any part of hair, including previously treated (same or other) areas
  • Effective synergy of ancient knowledge and innovative technology
  • Minimal odor compared to other keratin based straightening treatments
  • Soft, smooth and shiny hair after treatment

This product is for professional use only. Please contact us for prices and queries.

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