Elastin Keratin Intense


Professional Use Only


Achieving smooth and manageable hair has never been easier.
An innovative and revolutionary formula designed to successfully treat damaged hair and aid the recovery from any previous chemical treatments. When combined, elastin and keratin promote healthy and strong hair, reducing split ends and breakage and giving instant results of revitalised, smooth and manageable hair.

Elastin Keratin Intense is a strong keratin treatment designed smooth and straighten the hair as much as the natural structure allows. If you’re looking to smoothen but not straighten your hair we advise to use the Elastin Keratin Flexible & Smooth Effect as the perfect de-frizzer.


  • Effective for all types of hair.
  • Short (approx. 70 minutes) and simple process.
  • Long-lasting results (12-20 weeks) durable to various conditions.
  • Customers can wash, dye, highlight and cut hair right after treatment or leave it in for 24-48 hours longer lasting results. Non-oxidative components maintain hair pigments.
  • Safe for repeated treatments anytime and for any part of hair, including previously treated (same or other) areas.
  • Effective synergy of ancient knowledge and innovative technology.
  • Minimal odour compared to other keratin based straightening treatments.
  • Soft, smooth and shiny hair after treatment.

This product is for professional use only. Please contact us for prices and queries.

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